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31 Aug 2011

A/W2011 Preview: Fall Colors

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To kick off the unveiling of our Autumn/Winter 2011 collection, we first wanted to give you a peak at the colors that inspired us this season.  Following up on the light, airy and feminine collection we debuted for our Spring/Summer looks, we wanted to work with colors that were more unexpected for children’s wear this fall.  We were sold on the irresistible combination of dark teal, navy, mustard and taupe. Warm and earthy, this color palette instantly evokes harvest moons, swirling leaves and pumpkin patches. We can just smell the hot apple cider and donuts as we sew.

Here are a few pictures from our inspiration board. Enjoy!









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30 Aug 2011

Charlotte’s Pinteresting Finds – v.2.3

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What’s Charlotte liking this week? Find out each Tuesday as she spots trends and captures a little slice of goodness from Pinterest.
There’s something romantic about airmail, isn’t there? Does anyone even use airmail envelopes anymore or have those gone the way of land lines?

Charlotte's Pinteresting Finds, week of August 29, 2011

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26 Aug 2011

A Fall Starling – Version 1

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I know you are all anxiously awaiting our new fall/winter designs, but to fill in the gap until those are ready for public consumption, we have been thinking of all sorts of ways to work our Starling Dress into your back to school closets. The Starling is such a versatile dress, as you will hopefully see from all these new variations.

First up is one I call the September Showers dress, taken from the pocket detail, which some of you may recognize as an embroidery pattern from the lovely Sarah Jane Studios (pattern for sale here)–more on that below.  This version of the Starling is, perhaps, a little more casual look overall and is also great one to keep in mind if you find yourself itching to sew but no have zippers on hand.

The body of the dress is made up in the cotton poplin in taupe from our shop.  I left off the flat yoke piece at the neckline, which resulted in the perfect wide opening to add the elasticized neckband, which is a popular look these days in blogland.  (One thing I didn’t factor in, but will next time around, is that the dress is slightly shorter without the yoke.)

To encase the 1/4″ elastic at the neckline, I made up some single folded bias tape (from 1.5″ wide strips) in a contrasting fabric to sew to the right side of the garment, leaving a gap at the back of the neck in which to insert the elastic. (I hand sewed the gap closed once I had adjusted the length of the elastic.)  After the bias strip was sewn on, it was easy to turn the seam allowances to the inside of the dress and press the strip flat.  Thus far, there haven’t been any instances of the band flipping over to the front, perhaps due to the elastic, and the neckline stretches sufficiently to easily pull over even the biggest of noggins.

Because cooler days are just around the corner, I opted for longer sleeves, which required a simple pattern modification.  I extended the sides of the pattern sleeve to the length of my daughter’s arm + 1/2 inch to accommodate sewing on the same bias strip at the wrist as used for the neckline.  Again, I used 1/4″ elastic.

The crocheted lace edging at the bottom of the dress is old pillowcase trim that I picked up at an antique store in Ann Arbor, Michigan a few weeks ago. Can you believe I paid just $5 for the trim from both pillowcases? Seemed quite the bargain to me!

So, for the pocket–I have been itching to try some hand embroidery, which is everywhere right now. This is my first real attempt and I thought it was a nice portable project (I completed this panel at the beach).  I used to be a cross-stitcher years ago (like 20 years ago, how is that possible??), and luckily still have all my carefully organized embroidery thread.

My one real hesitation with hand embroidery is that I never quite know what to do with the end product, however lovely it may be.  I am not the type of person to have embroidered tea towels or fancy linens lying about and, if ever I had a small hankering to hang something like this framed on the wall, my husband would have none of it. So incorporating it into sewn garments seems to be the perfect solution.

I ironed on Heat-N-Bond to the reverse side of the embroidery hoping that may stabilize the stitches, but of course, hand washing will probably be required (starting with, it turns out, right after the photo shoot which morphed into playtime in the dirt…)

Happy Sewing!

23 Aug 2011

Back to School Sewing and Other Fall Pursuits

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It is amazing to me how a few cool nights and an extra 30 minutes of darkness in the morning can kick my back-to-school-O-meter into high gear.   Regrettably, while I’ve been feeling rearing to go, my productivity level has been next to zilch. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am craving routine and organization right now after the long, carefree days of summer in the hopes that I will be better able to focus and complete a few tasks around here.

So I decided to start with a sure-fire win in the completion category–the above pictured pencil case for JR to take to 1st grade tomorrow.  He chose this Japanese truck fabric, which is not quite as heavy as a canvas, but which still required lining it with a fusible fleece to give it the structure I envisioned.  (I tried to talk him into a fabric that was a little less pre-schooler, shall I say, but gave in in the end.)

Turning to more exciting projects, here’s a little a preview of some things that we’ll be featuring on our blog over the next few weeks:

Fall/Winter Pattern Update–Yes, the fall/winter patterns are coming soon!   Look for some images of the new line over the next few weeks leading up to the official launch in mid-/late September.

A Fall of Starlings–To keep the creative autumn juices flowing in the meantime, we’ve got some fun back-to-school variations planned of our Starling Dress pattern to start showcasing later this week.  Check back each week to see what we come up with next!

A Special Holiday Dress–In addition to our Fall/Winter line-up of new patterns, we have a special dress pattern in the works to introduce in October that we envision being a perfect dress to sew up for the year-end holidays.  Stay tuned for more details.

Happy Sewing!


16 Aug 2011

Charlotte’s Pinteresting Finds – v.2.1

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What’s Charlotte liking this week? Find out each Tuesday as she spots trends and captures a little slice of goodness from Pinterest.

To the dread of children everywhere, and the delights of most mothers, the new school year is nigh.  Time to sharpen your pencils! Here are just a few graphite inspired items that caught my eye this week.

Charlotte's Pinteresting Finds, Week of August 15, 2011

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03 Aug 2011

Charlotte’s Pinteresting Finds – v.1.10

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What’s Charlotte liking this week? Find out each Tuesday–or Wednesday when she’s running a little behind–as she spots trends and captures a little slice of goodness from Pinterest.
I am probably stating the obvious when I say Americans love their coffee. But I am always amazed at how much American’s love their coffee mugs. They’re not unlike bumper stickers for your car–it is a small and harmless attempt for some of us to interject a little personality into our surroundings.

What does your mug say about you?

Here are just a few that caught my eye this week.

Charlotte's Pinteresting Finds - week of August 1, 2011


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