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30 Sep 2011

A/W2011 Preview: Behind the Scenes

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As a final lead up to the “big reveal” of our new Fall/Winter looks [right here on our blog this Monday(!!)], we leave you this weekend with some behind the scenes shots from our cover shoot back in August. Isn’t Miss A, our current “Charlotte”, just the sweetest? Her personality truly mirrors her smile. Thanks, Miss A, for putting up with the many hours in our studio under the hot lights!

We’ll see you all back here on Monday!

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Happy Sewing!
~Erin & Carla

27 Sep 2011

Charlotte’s Pinteresting Finds – v.3.2

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What’s Charlotte liking this week? Find out each Tuesday as she spots trends and captures a little slice of goodness from Pinterest.


Sorry I missed last week’s Pinteresting Finds–I was studying hard for a killer spelling test. But that’s over now (I missed just one word–hors d’oeuvre) and I’m back…

So the end of September is about the time I start planning my Halloween costume. As far as “clever” goes, Halloween can’t be beat. So many creative people out there and Pinterest is a goldmine for finding some great costume ideas!  Though it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few, here are some of my faves:

Charlotte's Pinteresting Finds - Week of September 26, 2011

Sources: /one/Scuba Diver found via /two/Airplane Pilot found via /three/Paper Doll found via /four/Mushroom found via /five/Hot Air Balloon found via /six/Owl (check out that stitch work!) found via


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20 Sep 2011

A Fall Starling – Version 3

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Welcome Back! In our next installment of Fall variations of our Starling Dress, I took a cue from Charlotte to use another perennial autumn classic–plaid.

I originally intended to purchase some plaid fabric, but was thoroughly let down, again, by our local fabric store (a national chain who shall remain nameless).  So I returned home and rummaged through my collection.

If necessity is the mother of invention, then I am pleased to report that desperation is similarly advantaged.  In the corner of my workroom I spied a plaid skirt cut on the bias that I picked up at a thrift store on a whim some time ago.  Not only did this size 18 skirt yield sufficient yardage to cut out the dress, I salvaged the invisible side zipper to use as well. Total investment: $2.50.

The design inspirations for my Refashioned Starling are (1) the Coffee Date Dress by the Selfish Seamstress–which has a wide zigzag ruffle cascading from the neckline, and (2) this dress from Bonpoint, which looks so cozy with the turtleneck underneath:
To construct this version of the Starling Dress, I eliminated the vertical front placket and side ruffles and added the zigzag ruffle at the top of the yoke.  The adult version of the Coffee Date Dress calls for a 6″x36″ strip of fabric folded in half lengthwise.  For this pint-size version, I narrowed the ruffled strip to 4″ wide and cut it to 24″ in length.  After ruffling the strip using a basting stitch, I sewed it into the seam joining the yoke to the lining yoke.  Next I followed the same basic pattern of the Coffee Date Dress to arrange the next two layers of the ruffle. After machine stitching these layers in place, I tacked down the ruffles to the front of the dress with a few hand stitches to make sure they didn’t flip up during wear.

Ruffle up close:

[By the way, the complete pattern & instructions for the Coffee Date Dress, including the ruffle, can be found here].

So, here’s a shot of the original skirt before:

In progress:

All done:

Molasses cookie bribe for cooperation with photography:

Happy Sewing!

16 Sep 2011

KCWC: Are you up for it?

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In case you haven’t heard, elsie marley is gearing up for her fall Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  With a whole month to plan, are you up for it?

Next up on this here blog, another fall rendition of our Starling Dress…stay tuned.

Happy Sewing!


15 Sep 2011

Sewing for Me! (Yes, it is permitted)

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Shhhh…. don’t tell Erin that I whipped up a dress for myself this week while drowning in the sea of work we face releasing our Autumn/Winter collection.  I assure you all that Clever Charlotte is VERY close to getting our four new patterns ready for sale, but I just HAD to make a dress for myself to keep my creative juices flowing.

Despite our Clever Charlotte business and our focus on creating for others, deep down I really subscribe to the Selfish Seamstress’ School of Selfish Sewing.  If you haven’t come across Elaine and her rants, they are hilarious and certainly worth a read.

I received this fabric, Alexander Henry’s Fulham Road Regent Peacock, as a gift from my mother, and it was calling to me from the corner of my sewing studio until I took scissors to it the other day.  I pulled the pattern from my drawer of personal designs, though if you were to recreate it, I’m sure you could find a suitable princess-line substitute in one of the major pattern companies.  This pattern has a rather revealing “V” neckline that worked wonders for my figure while I was nursing my kids, but looks a little silly in my current state so I decided to embellish the neckline with little cutouts of the peacock feathers to make it less revealing.

Scalloped Neckline

I had in mind drafting a short sleeve for the dress, but in the interest of time I just stuck on some layers of fabric to give the dress a cap-sleeve/epaulet look.


Layered Sleevecap

And now… back to Charlotte…
Happy Sewing!
~ Carla

13 Sep 2011

Charlotte’s Pinteresting Finds – v.3.1

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What’s Charlotte liking this week? Find out each Tuesday as she spots trends and captures a little slice of goodness from Pinterest.

Pink cheeks and nipped nose

Rustling leaves in Autumn wind

But Plaid warms the toes

~ Haiku by Charlotte

Charlotte's Pinteresting Finds, Week of Sept. 12

Sources: /one/ Red Suitcase found via /two/ Handbag found via /three/ Drum Set Print by Marc Johns found via /four/ Lunch Bag found via /five/ Bow Tie found via

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