A Fall Starling – Version 3
20 Sep 2011

A Fall Starling – Version 3

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Welcome Back! In our next installment of Fall variations of our Starling Dress, I took a cue from Charlotte to use another perennial autumn classic–plaid.

I originally intended to purchase some plaid fabric, but was thoroughly let down, again, by our local fabric store (a national chain who shall remain nameless).  So I returned home and rummaged through my collection.

If necessity is the mother of invention, then I am pleased to report that desperation is similarly advantaged.  In the corner of my workroom I spied a plaid skirt cut on the bias that I picked up at a thrift store on a whim some time ago.  Not only did this size 18 skirt yield sufficient yardage to cut out the dress, I salvaged the invisible side zipper to use as well. Total investment: $2.50.

The design inspirations for my Refashioned Starling are (1) the Coffee Date Dress by the Selfish Seamstress–which has a wide zigzag ruffle cascading from the neckline, and (2) this dress from Bonpoint, which looks so cozy with the turtleneck underneath:
To construct this version of the Starling Dress, I eliminated the vertical front placket and side ruffles and added the zigzag ruffle at the top of the yoke.  The adult version of the Coffee Date Dress calls for a 6″x36″ strip of fabric folded in half lengthwise.  For this pint-size version, I narrowed the ruffled strip to 4″ wide and cut it to 24″ in length.  After ruffling the strip using a basting stitch, I sewed it into the seam joining the yoke to the lining yoke.  Next I followed the same basic pattern of the Coffee Date Dress to arrange the next two layers of the ruffle. After machine stitching these layers in place, I tacked down the ruffles to the front of the dress with a few hand stitches to make sure they didn’t flip up during wear.

Ruffle up close:

[By the way, the complete pattern & instructions for the Coffee Date Dress, including the ruffle, can be found here].

So, here’s a shot of the original skirt before:

In progress:

All done:

Molasses cookie bribe for cooperation with photography:

Happy Sewing!

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2 Responses to “A Fall Starling – Version 3”

  1. nicole says:

    Gorgeous! (but please may we have a sneak peek)

  2. Justine says:

    Oh, yes – sneak peak please!