Dial ‘W’ for Wool
27 Feb 2012

Dial ‘W’ for Wool

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One of my New Year’s resolutions was to sew a few decorative pillows for around the house.  Winter Wolle was the perfect time to sew a small-ish pillow from the same dark teal wool coating that I used for Nora’s Or-Kestral Coat in December.

The design is hand-embroidered by moi using a simple seed stitch in a random fashion. I employed two cool shades of blue cotton silk embroidery floss to give it a subtle, fading look.  (For the monogram, I pinned a cut out of the letter to the felt until I had completely outlined it with the darker shade of floss).

Melton wool like this doesn’t require finishing any of the cut edges–its fibers are essentially felted, so no unraveling or other horrors. I incorporated this fact into the final design of the pillow–by sewing the two halves of the case with wrong sides together (using a gold thread for contrast), I created a nice raw edge border to the finished pillow.  Though you don’t see it here, I sewed a zipper along the bottom edge, accessible between the two exposed seam allowances.

Far from being a home dec sewing expert, my only pillow-sewing advice for you is to sew the finished dimensions of the case to match those of the insert.  I always think you need to sew the case about 1/2″ bigger all around so that there is ease into which the pillow form can expand.  Au contraire, my friend, au contraire.  Sew it with exactly the same dimensions as your pillow form to ensure the form fills up the case fully. The pillow case here, in fact, was about 3/4″ shorter than the width of the form and it is still suffienctly roomy to allow the form to slip in easily and then fully ‘inflate’.

Looking to make some pillows of your own for a bedroom or living room? Here are a few additional wool-inspired pillow ideas discovered via Pinterest that I am mulling over for my next pillow.

Love Pillow by Honey Pie Designs  


Oxagon Tiles Pillow by PLYtextile 

Recycled Sweater Pillow by Brassy Apple 

Happy Crafting!


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  1. tara says:

    I love the monogram! I *need* to do some pillow covers. My current ones are linen, and I use them year-round – don’t tell the seasonal police!

  2. خياطة وتفصيل says:

    Thank you for good job