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30 Aug 2012

Charlotte Gets a Makeover

9 Comments Design Updates, Of Note

In recent months we’ve alluded to some big changes we’ve been making to how we do things around here. Today, we are excited to show you the updated look for our logo that will be part of the new patterns to be unveiled soon.  You’ll start to see Charlotte’s new look on our website and other places in the next few weeks.We worked with the lovely gals at Chartreuse to design this new look and to bring a fresh, sophisticated feel to our pattern packaging.  I think I am as excited about this aspect of the new patterns as I am about the patterns themselves!

So, for the new patterns–how soon until we have something to show you? How does NEXT WEEK sound??  We will have photos and details of the 3 new patterns on the blog by mid-week, and, if all goes well between now and then, pre-sales will start at the end of next week.

Have a great long weekend everyone and happy sewing!

~ Erin

16 Aug 2012

Behind the Red Carpet Glam: AW12

6 Comments In the Workroom

Ha!  The thought of our little make shift photography studio in the basement being equated to Vogue cover looks is a humerous thought.  A few out-takes from this month’s shoot–

Why yes, that is the laundry room we’re shooting in.

These three are always itching to get in front of the camera.

These two, not so much.

Checking email, maybe, but more likely just playing Words with Friends between shots.

Happy sewing!

02 Aug 2012


4 Comments In the Workroom

Here’s a little peak at what I have going on in the studio today–

What’s really going on is me wasting time with the new lens I got earlier this year. Playing with the focus, trying to perfect my blur.

Perfect your blur–

~ Erin