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23 Jan 2013

Totally Smitten

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Meet Charlotte Fox.  I’m smitten, aren’t you??

Since my sewing machine will be in the shop for a while, I’ve been on the lookout for some projects to do from the winter comfort of my couch.  You can imagine my excitement when I came across this clever Charlotte!

This Charlotte Fox is the creation of talented designer, Cynthia Treen, a delightful Rhode Island artisan who sews, crafts, quilts, you name it.  She has a whole line of felt animal patterns and kits under her brand, threadfollower. Here’s her adorable lineup of animals sold individually in kits:

These kits are a perfect afternoon-cuppa-tea-in-hand-project and would also make a great craft to make with an older child. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, which would you sew up first?

So, back to Charlotte–she’s stands just 6.5″ tall. On this inside, she has pipe cleaners for arms so that you can pose her and, with the help of her tail, she stands all by herself.  The PDF pattern has very detailed instructions and illustrations. I can’t wait to gather all my materials to get started.

Check out Charlotte’s little hand-sewn cape!  It’s currently 14 degrees (Fahrenheit) in Houndstooth Falls, so she’ll need this to keep her warm!

Oh, and Charlotte has a “friend” too (or is it a beau??). Say hello to dashing Felix.

Be sure to check out all the fun at Cynthia’s blog, follow her on Facebook, and oh, did I mention she  has a new book out too of small gift-related sewing projects??

Happy crafting on the couch!


18 Jan 2013

Oh Spring, where art thou?

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I just wanted to share with you our newest Olivine Dress look that is hot off the (home) assembly line.  Made with a gorgeous silk gingham and accented with Liberty of London’s Susanna print below, we hope this look will inspire our followers to start thinking SPRING!  Doesn’t this print evoke images of your  little one romping through the tulips gathering Easter eggs?

With the holidays behind us, Cleveland is looking rather dreary these days, and we just can’t help ourselves from sewing for spring.  It’s never too early for positive thinking!

Reminder: there is one more weekend left of our SALE! 20% off all orders with code “welcome2013″.  Take advantage of a purchase now, especially since shipping costs to those beyond our U.S. borders will drastically increase on Jan 27th (due to the US Post Office, not us here at Clever Charlotte!).

Happy Sewing!


14 Jan 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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A very belated Happy New Year!

Has it really been a whole month since our last “real” post? For that, I dearly apologize.  

Since our last post, our house was ravaged by the flu. This was the face of it on Christmas–poor Miss N, trying so hard to enjoy the holiday to the fullest, but her body just wasn’t able to match her spirit.

While I am happy to report that the kids have been back to normal for some time now, my own recovery was slower.

Since our last post, we had snowfall in the double digits followed more recently by unprecedented warm weather. One week ago we had highs in the teens and then on Saturday, it was 64 degrees.   The temps are taking a dive again as I type, but I am grateful for the respite from the cold, however brief. It was that final push that I needed to feel OK and functioning again.

With renewed health, I have been having lots of fun with my new camera lens, can you tell?

Since our last post, I have made about a gazillion trips to the Post Office–thank you dear readers for that!  We’re glad that so many of you have been taking advantage of our New Year’s sale (PS There’s still a week left!).

Since our last post, there has been only minimal sewing/crafting by me. I got the knitting itch last month and quickly made up this infinity scarf for a sister in law–but that’s been it on the creative front.

But the boys have been busy–Pinewood Derby is just around the corner. 

Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree around here, I can assure you.

Oh, and for “The Ugly,” I present Exhibit A.  This piece may look like a presser foot, but I can assure you it is not. In fact, it used to be part of the inner workings of my sewing machine, near the bobbin casing.  It was sheared off last night in a fit and a start… I am fearing the worst.  Cross your fingers that the repair guy can work some magic here.

What have you been doing since our last post?  I hope you have been pursuing many successful projects. With more time and energy now, I am anxious to start making the rounds of blogland to see what you have all been up to!

Happy Sewing!


03 Jan 2013


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