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22 Dec 2013

Pre-Order Orchid and New Year’s Sale (A little early)

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Our New Orchid Pattern is Up for Sale

We are happy to announce that our newest pattern, Orchid, is now in the shop and we are accepting pre-orders.  

Now through January 5th, you can also get 20% off all other Clever Charlotte patterns!

See our original post announcing Orchid by clicking here.

Orchid Top & Skirt Back View
For our cover look, we used a plum poplin for the top and a quilting cotton for the bow.  The top has raglan sleeves and if you look closely at the photo above, you can just see the shoulder dart we’ve added to provide a nice soft curve.

The skirt is a medium weight poly brocade in a funky gold and silver weave for an overall sophisticated look. When selecting a fabric for the skirt, we recommend choosing a medium-to-heavy weight fabric that will hold a good crease.

Orchid Skirt Close Up

A few things about Pre-Orders and Our New Year’s Sale:

1. We currently anticipate mailing out the first shipment of patterns the week of January 6th, but we cannot guarantee the exact ship date yet. We pride ourselves on fast turn-around times for all our orders and pre-orders are no different. We will do our best to communicate any notable shipping delays.

2. Since all of our orders process through PayPal, payment for any pre-orders will be processed at the time of order and not at the time of shipment.

3. If an order includes the new Orchid pattern, we will ship all other items at the same time. If you want other items sooner, you will have to place a separate order.

4. Don’t forget to use the Code “Happy2014″ at check out to save 20% on all our other patterns.

We hope you have a happy holiday and a great start to your (sewing) year!

~Erin & Carla

03 Jan 2013


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24 Sep 2012

Olivine Dress Kits in the Shop

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The Olivine Dress Kits have been posted in the shop for those of you planning ahead for the holidays or needing a special birthday girl dress.

The kit is available in two sizes (2T-4T and 5-8) and currently features the fabrics in our cover look: a wonderful, eggplanty dupioni silk and the lovely Liberty of London Tana Lawn print, Becci. Here’s a better shot of that Liberty fabric, which has a great mix of red, fuchsia, and blue and adds such a nice contrast to the purple.

Look for additional Olivine kit options from us soon featuring more colors of silks and Liberty fabrics!

On a related note, I am working on the Olivine Dress tutorial I mentioned a few weeks ago. It will highlight some of the trickier parts of the construction. Look for that to begin this week!

Happy Sewing!


09 Sep 2012

Shop Update + In the Garden

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Thank you for your enthusiasm for our new Fall collection! I am happy to report that the patterns are now in the shop and ready for pre-sale orders.  To celebrate, our older pattern collections are on sale for 20% off for the next two weeks, so now’s the time to pick up some of the earlier looks that have been on your list.

A quick note about the pre-orders: we anticipate shipping out new styles the week of 9/17.  All orders that have any of the new patterns will be held until the new looks are ready.  If you want to get something more quickly, we ask that you place a separate order.  As always, you’ll enjoy our low shipping rates on all orders.


With those announcements out of the way, Carla and I wanted to share some recent photos of our little ones wearing the cover looks so you can get a feel for the fit and the design details we have included with each pattern.  

The Olivine Dress has 3 pleats on the bodice that match up with the 3 contrasting pleats on the skirt to create a sunburst effect.  [PS Look for the fabric kit for this cover look to be in the shop later this week.]

Here’s a little shot of the pleated side panel on the Jasper Jodhpurs:

In addition to the asymmetrical zipper on the front of the Jasper Vest, we’ve included an option to gather the back of the Vest to bring it in a little at the sides. We’ve covered the gathering with a two-buttoned tab, harkening back to our Finch Shorts.

We also added some contrasting pocket stitching on the front of the Vest for a little added interest. You can see a little of it here. Again, completely optional.

Here’s a close up of the ankle placket of our aptly-named Peridot Ankle Pants.  

For the button loops, the Peridot pattern uses braided button loop tape with elastic loops spaced 1″ apart (such as that used on bridal gowns). The tape typically comes in black, white and off-white.  You can pick some up in our shop when you order the pattern. And while you are at it, pick up a Peridot Covered Button Kit that includes the ten 5/8″ buttons called for by the pattern + the button making tool. Easy peasy!

Glitter shoes not included, though wouldn’t it be great if they were?

And one last parting shot of those wonderful Olivine pleats.  I am working on a full tutorial of this dress for all of you, coming up soon.  I think this will be a great way for any of you who may be leery of sewing pleats to see just how simple they can be!

A note about sizing: these clothes are all sewn in our 3T size except for the Jasper Jodhpur Pants, which are a 2T.  You can see that Miss E is quite a bitter taller than my Miss N, even though they are only 6 months apart. Both girls are 4 years old: Miss E is a 4T in most RTW sizes and Miss N is a 3T (2T in some pants).  So as a general rule, I’d say these patterns run slightly larger than commercial sizing.

We hope you’ll hop on over to the shop and check it all out!

Happy sewing!


23 Jul 2012

A New Team Member

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We had a special delivery from Jay, the Printer Fairy, last week and look what he brought, on an old hospital gurney, no less!

Now residing in our guest bedroom  studio, against what might have been the last 5′ strip of unadulterated wall space remaining in my entire house–

It’s a new printer, very nearly the size and weight of any employee we could have hired, so it is easy to think of it as such.

This new printer will print our patterns in full-scale, which should make test sewing and the like a much faster process for us.  It is but one of several very noteworthy changes we’ve been making behind the scenes at Clever Charlotte over the last few months, all in anticipation of the debut of our next collection.  

Speaking of new patterns, we are into the nitty gritty of finalizing all the details of the new Autumn/Winter collection, but we are still a little way’s off. Postings will be light until then as it feels every waking minute is consumed by these patterns and general midsummer fatigue.

What else does Charlotte have up her sleeve?

Well, for starters, the new collection: it consists of 3 looks in all. One is a dress, and not just any dress–one that will really get your heart rate up (couldn’t we all use a little more aerobic sewing?)  The other two outfits are pants/separates just right for back to school sewing.  They will integrate well with patterns from our prior collections.  Fingers crossed that we’ll have some pictures/ordering details available on our blog come August!

We are also adopting a new nomenclature for these patterns to replace the avian theme used heretofore and will likely continue changing it up every so often in the future. Surprisingly we were able to  get a lot of life out of the bird names used for our first two collections.  But finding suitable names was becoming increasingly harder (Nuthatch, Titmouse, and Killdee will have to wait). We’ve reached into one of our former lives for inspiration to name the upcoming patterns.

The final thing I am excited to share with you today is that, after the release of our 3 new Autumn/Winter patterns, we will be moving away from semi-annual releases of pattern collections and instead, we’ll be releasing single patterns more continually throughout the year, as the mood strikes us, more or less. We feel that this will enable us to nimbly react to new trends and our own creative impulses and to move patterns from concept to our store much more quickly.

So lots more to come soon.  Until then, happy sewing!


02 May 2012

New Labels in the Shop

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Just a quick note to say that we’ve received our new woven clothing labels.  These are the same that are included with our patterns–but you can now buy extras in our shop!

By the way, if you recently purchased a pattern from us that did not have a label–we apologize that we were temporarily out.  Send us an email at: and we’ll gladly drop one in the mail for you!

Here’s a shot of one of the newly-designed labels sewn into the Finch Shorts I finished up last weekend…

Happy Sewing!