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16 Jan 2012

Resolution Success #1: Birthday Party Dress

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Following holiday craziness, I’ve settled back down to my sewing machine, creating a new birthday dress for my favorite 4 year old.

The Birthday Girl

We celebrated last weekend at the Cleveland Botanical Garden.  When I approached her about making a birthday dress she specified that it must be mostly pink and have a twirly skirt. She then helped me pick out the main fabric at a local quilting store that has little print of pink, red and green.  I paired it with a pink and cream print to accent the hem (Amy Butler I think) and a bit of green cotton at the waist, both from my stash. The pattern is Simplicity 2559, which is intended to be a fairy costume, but I used it as a basic pattern for the armhole and bodice.  Next time, I will take it in at the waist but I don’t mind the ease too much…. it reminds me of a 1930′s frock.

A bit saccharine perhaps, but perfect for a four year old.

One New Years resolution down, several more to go…..

Happy Fourth Birthday, Little Girl!

Happy Sewing!
~ Carla

P.S. There has been a lot of other Clever Charlotte sewing going on these past few weeks, we promise. We’ll start sharing soon!

10 Nov 2011

Sewing the Eider Tunic Yoke

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As promised earlier this week, we’ve put together a tutorial for attaching the yoke of the Eider Tunic to the body of the garment.  Hopefully these photos help you better understand the process.**

**Please ignore the fact that the Yoke is already sewn to the Body– the pictures were taken a bit late.**

Here we have positioned the right side of the Yoke [here, the printed fabric] to the wrong side of the body of the Tunic [the mauve corduroy].   It may seem odd, but matching right side to wrong side is critical to the success of the Yoke attachment. Once the layers are aligned around the neckline, snip the seam allowance a full 1/2″. Again, this may seem strange since you are nearly snipping into the viewed part of the garment… just take care that you do not snip beyond 1/2″.

This photo shows in more detail how the garment will move at the snipped point. Snipping enables you to get the machine needle right in the crux of the Yoke opening.

Sew from the snipped point up the center front, around the neckline and back down the other side of the center front. Your start and finish points should be nearly the same point.

After trimming the seam allowance of the seam just sewn to 1/8″, flip the Yoke over the body so that the wrong side of the Yoke is then positioned against the right side of the Tunic.

Use a point turner to get crisp points where the center front of the garment meets the neckline. Because you have already pressed the seam allowance along the lower edge of the Yoke under 1/2″, you are nearly ready to top stitch the Yoke in place. Taking care that the Yoke lies flat along the body along its entirety, pin the lower edge of the Yoke to the body and topstitch.

Good luck and happy sewing!


05 May 2011

A Launch Party at Bolt & Spool

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If you are in the Cleveland area, we hope you’ll stop by for our May 19th launch party, hosted by Bolt & Spool in Little Italy!  Bolt & Spool is our new favorite fabric store. Nan sells the most exquisite linens, wools, and cotton fabrics around and, I am excited to report, her shop is the  first retail store to carry our pattern line. We hope you all get a chance to check out Nan’s store first-hand!

Our first-ever launch party!

15 Apr 2011

A Sandpiper Summer Holiday

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This outfit just seems to scream “Summer!”  The Sandpiper Capri and Top are both easy and breezy, and, let me just add, completely reversible!  When I was a little girl, the fact that something was reversible put it at the top of my favorites list.  I bet I wasn’t the only one, was I??  Even if you don’t make the garments reversible, lining each with a fun fabric allows for a small flash of color to peak through from the inside.

The Capri pants are open at the sides and have cuffs that tie just below the knee. The Top is a pinafore style with buttons at each shoulder.  We think both designs are perfect for brushing away sand and for letting in summer breezes.  Both are lined and sewn together in a way that requires no seam finishing or hemming!

We have shown the Capri pants here made in a mid-weight poplin that is a rich taupe color.  The inside is a great pink/white/mauve plaid that is a smooth shirting fabric.  The plaid can be used for the Sandpiper Top as well as any other shirts or dresses you may be sewing up for summer for yourself or your little girl.  We have also shown the Top with Alexander Henry’s Larkspur Bloom cotton lawn.  Bloom is from the same collection as the Larkspur Meadow fabric that we’ll also be selling in the shop, as featured with our Wren Dress a few weeks ago.

As the name suggests, we think these make for a great beach-comber outfit.  While there may still be a little chill in the April air where you are, to get you in the spirit, may I suggest a DVD on how to make the perfect sandcastle?  Do you have the patience for something like this??

Source: Sandcastle Equipment and DVD How To

12 Apr 2011

The Finch Shorts & Top Revealed

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Next up in our collection preview is the Finch Shorts and Top.  Check out our preview of the Wren Dress from last week.  (As always, click on an image to see it larger!)

As you can see with these photos, we had a lot of fun with this outfit. We pictured little girls jumping in puddles and doing cartwheels on the front lawn.  The Finch Shorts have front and side tab detailing and a simple elastic waistband in the back.  Since the buttons are merely a design detail, no buttonholes are necessary.  We’re sure you’ll find lots of fun buttons to use on these.

The shorts featured in these pictures are made with a linen/cotton blend that will be available for purchase in our shop.  We chose a natural color that has darker flecks and striations in the fibers to add visual interest.  The shorts will look equally great in a cotton twill or any number of other bottom-weight fabrics.  We even featured them a few weeks ago made up in a lavender wool herringbone–I can’t wait to bring those out next fall.

The accompanying Finch Top is a loose-fitting shirt with a Velcro closure at the left shoulder.  This tab is artfully concealed by a stylish bow made up in a contrasting fabric.  Stay tuned for a few variations on the bow in the upcoming weeks.  For the look in these pictures, we have sewn up the main body of the Top in a mauve sateen, which is a crisp, smooth cotton fabric with a bit of a sheen to it.  The contrasting lining fabric, also used for the  bow, is a coordinating plaid.

Here are some puddle-jumping accessories to embellish the look of this very sweet, very playful outfit:

Sources: Boots and Umbrella

14 Feb 2011

Happy Valentines Day

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Valentines Day from Clever Charlotte