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So Carla and I have been crazy busy trying to finalize the fall line up of new patterns, and it is killing me not to spill the beans about all the fun things we have in store for you.There has been a lot of test sewing as we try to get everything just right. Usually, when we make up the first few drafts, we use the ugliest fabrics from our stash. Only as we get closer to the end product do we start dipping into the "good stuff".

I thought I would share a little vintage piece that Carla found a while back that she used in a recent garment, paired with a delicious chocolate velvet.  This print definitely falls into the category of "I wish I had 10 more yards of it".  It is so simple, yet fun.

Bird on a Birdcage Fabric
Bird on a Birdcage Fabric

Do you have any fabric in your collection that you wish you had more of?

I also wanted to share this French video on the European linen industry that I discovered via Elsa Mora.  It is a bit long (15 minutes or so), but so well worth it.  Soft music, wonderful French and Italian narration with soft imagery, it is a lovely cinematic piece.  A nice way to start your morning with a cup of tea in hand, I should think.

BE LINEN MOVIE from Benoit MILLOT on Vimeo.

Happy weekend everyone!