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Back to School Sewing and Other Fall Pursuits

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JR Pencil Case1
JR Pencil Case1

It is amazing to me how a few cool nights and an extra 30 minutes of darkness in the morning can kick my back-to-school-O-meter into high gear.   Regrettably, while I've been feeling rearing to go, my productivity level has been next to zilch. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am craving routine and organization right now after the long, carefree days of summer in the hopes that I will be better able to focus and complete a few tasks around here.

JR Pencil Case2
JR Pencil Case2

So I decided to start with a sure-fire win in the completion category--the above pictured pencil case for JR to take to 1st grade tomorrow.  He chose this Japanese truck fabric, which is not quite as heavy as a canvas, but which still required lining it with a fusible fleece to give it the structure I envisioned.  (I tried to talk him into a fabric that was a little less pre-schooler, shall I say, but gave in in the end.)

Turning to more exciting projects, here's a little a preview of some things that we'll be featuring on our blog over the next few weeks:

Fall/Winter Pattern Update--Yes, the fall/winter patterns are coming soon!   Look for some images of the new line over the next few weeks leading up to the official launch in mid-/late September.

A Fall of Starlings--To keep the creative autumn juices flowing in the meantime, we've got some fun back-to-school variations planned of our Starling Dress pattern to start showcasing later this week.  Check back each week to see what we come up with next!

A Special Holiday Dress--In addition to our Fall/Winter line-up of new patterns, we have a special dress pattern in the works to introduce in October that we envision being a perfect dress to sew up for the year-end holidays.  Stay tuned for more details.

Happy Sewing!