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Bow, Bow, Bow... Merry Christmas!

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A couple weeks back I was searching Pinterest for some ornament/holiday craft ideas and came across a great idea to repurpose magazine pages into beautiful bows for holiday presents.  Here is one of my attempts using an Ansel Adams photo spread in National Geographic Magazine.  Cool, eh?

Then, a thought: would this work with fabric scraps? I first tried it with felt, which ended up being too thick on the base and didn't sit nicely atop a package. Then I tried some cotton-silk fabric.  Because this fabric is rather drapey, I stiffened it by fusing two layers together (wrong sides facing) using Pellon Wonder Under.  This not only stiffens the fabric, it also prevents fraying and makes the fabric double sided.

From the double layer of fabric, I cut 1/2" wide strips using a rotary cutter and straight edge.  I trimmed three strips to approximately 10" in length, three to approximately 7" in length and one to about 4".

Taking the first of the longest strips, I twisted it on itself to make a figure 8.

Note, it doesn't matter if the tails of the strip are above or below the center of the strip, but the tails should overlap each other by about 1/2". Set the first figure 8 aside and repeat twice more for the longer strips.

Overlap these first three figure 8's, offsetting them as shown below. Secure the three figure 8's with a couple of stitches using a needle and regular sewing thread.  You could probably use Fabri-tac and glue them, but I think stitching is speedier.

Again, make three more figure 8's with the 7"-long strips (and ignore that this photo has two strips remaining).

Overlap the three 7" figure 8's and then nest them in the center of the 10" figure 8's. (Sorry, I didn't grab a shot of this, but you can see the nestled figure 8's in the final photo.)

In the center of the bow that is forming, make a simple loop with the shortest fabric strip and secure it with a few more stitches to the center of the bow.

Pull the needle through all layers (six figure 8's and a single loop) to the back of the bow and make a knot to hold it all together.

Experiment with different strip widths, lengths and fabric combinations.

Here I've also used a peacock blue silk taffeta cut on the bias and a cotton organdy that I tore on the grainline.

Have fun making beautiful packages.  Hmm... maybe one of these will end up as an embellishment on one of our dresses....

Happy crafting!

~ Carla

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