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Resolved, Part 1

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After a full week of quiet introspection (read: "cooped up inside with family for days on end"), I have lists for my lists, including many a resolution for 2012. Since my ONLY resolution in 2011 was to make sure I had genuine resolutions for 2012, I can now relish having brought 2011 to a close with resounding success!

Here's my list of [non-Charlotte related] sewing and craft projects that I have resolved to attempt this year.  Yes, they may seem ambitious, but my hopes are committing them to written--and now a very public, digital--form will inspire me when that inevitable "what next" moment hits later in the year.

Do you have any craft related resolutions this year?  Big or small, let us know in the comments below!

Erin's 2012 Sewing and Craft Project List

1. New sewing/craft area--I am happy to report this one is already in progress.  See the blank slate from which the hubster and I started last week:


2. Sewing for me! Specifically:

- Pants!  Already in progress is my quest for the perfect wool trouser for "nice" events.

- At least 1 design from this awesome Japanese sewing book presented to me by my partner in crime, Carla. Thanks, Carla!

dress book
dress book

- Full pleated skirts in fun airy fabrics for the spring/summer.  I always forget how cool a skirt feels to wear in July/August and I am determined to not wait until July/August to remember this fact.

- A coat...or two. First, I would love to make a nice jaunty topcoat (a la JCrew) with the same beautiful teal wool coating that I used for Nora's Or-Kestrel Coat last month.  I am also intrigued by this new sporty spring/fall coat from Sewaholic:

minoru jacket
minoru jacket

- Knit wrap dress (here's the pattern that I have in my stash)

3. Sweater Knits!

This one will probably intersect with #2 above--maybe

a dress like this one


4. Upholstered headboard

for Miss N's new "big girl bed"--another joint project with hubster.  I am thinking something like




5. Decorative pillows--for Nora's new "big girl bed" (see #4) & for our family room

6. A baby quilt

for a little girl who just squeaked into 2011 this past week.  Design TBD, but perhaps something

inspired by




...or possibly


!  [Tara, no peaking!]

7. A large pendant light

to illuminate a very dark corner of our family room.  For inspiration, I have my eye on

this literary version

and for VERY ambitious inspiration, here's

a gorgeous maple veneer pendant


Hydrangea Light
Hydrangea Light

Can I make it a hat trick of cross-collaborative projects with hubster in 2012?  Will we still be talking to one another? Stay tuned to find out.

8. Stenciling the front entryway

of our home. This seems like an easier DIY option than putting up wallpaper--will my theory pan out?  

Here is an example

of what we are considering.

Hope your 2012 is off to a pleasant start!  I am off to take care of a few things on my list!

Happy sewing!