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Vivacious Valentines Vesture

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Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Everyone needs a new Valentines Day outfit, right?  Since my new year's resolution was to make a few things for myself, I decided to put some effort into a new blouse and pants pattern and sew them up for our Winter Wolle Series.

I've had this lacy wool fabric from Mood Fabrics in NYC that I have been afraid to use since the weave is so open and has considerable stretch.  See my hand beneath it in the picture below?

Lovely, yes, but a bit risque on its own.  So I paired it with a flesh-toned cotton blend to give it structure and stability.

After cutting the flesh-colored cotton blend and marking stitch lines, I layered the lace over it (adding extra seam allowance on the lace) and hand basted the two layers together.  The hand basting, which was time consuming, was nonetheless extremely easy to do while watching season 2 of Downton Abbey (are you as shocked as I am about Lavinia?).  After basting around the lacy pieces of the blouse pattern, I proceeded with assembling the rest of the blouse, using a duchess silk from a leftover bridal project on the side and peplum pieces.

I'm planning more iterations of this blouse since the side princess panels should be slimming when done in a darker fabric.

The pants are sewn in 100% wool from one of my own patterns.  It has four panels on each leg to ensure a good fit.

Pardon my grumpy face here--I was outside in freezing weather trying to get this shot.  I promise I was all smiles at the Valentines party this past weekend, at which I received several compliments on the blouse.

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Sewing!!!