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High Fashion Flounce

Starling Dress & Shirtcarla macklinComment

Recently on the runway scene there have been a slew of wonderful pieces that incorporate a flounce.  I thought they provided great inspiration for working with our unique Starling Dress flounce pattern piece.  Here are some ideas to use both on the Starling Dress and other patterns you may have in your collection.Wouldn't it be great to apply the Starling Flounce pattern piece to the armhole of a basic shift dress and let it drape down? (from Gucci)

I adore how this flounce application wraps gracefully around the shoulders (from Gucci):

And again, accenting the shoulders (from Gucci):

How about some asymmetry from Chloe Spring 2013 Ready to Wear?

Or this wide flounce from a center placket, not dissimilar from our original Starling Dress design (also from Chloe, Fall 2013 Ready to Wear.)

Does this get you inspired to rework your Starling Flounce?  We'd love to see your frothy concoctions posted to our flickr group!