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Peony on the Prowl

Orchid Top & Skirt, Peony Party Patternscarla macklinComment

I finally found a moment to sew up a Peony Party Pattern Shrug for my little Wren. I so wish she would have been invited to be a flower girl at a wedding this summer, but alas, her uncle remains unhitched. Nevertheless, I thought it a good idea to show you all what a nice little shrug it can be for any dressy occasion this summer and fall.

I embellished the pattern with a little pleating detail around the edges. To go with it, I also made a linen Orchid Skirt, also trimmed out with a little pleating detail. 

This skirt will be white and relatively wrinkle-free for another 5 minutes.  I had high hopes to finish the front closure with a cute little metal toggle I found, but the photographic opportunity presented itself before I could finish that final touch.  I sewed Wren into the shrug. 

Aside from the pleating, the shrug really only takes a half hour to cut and sew!  

Wren says, "Take our Peony Shrug out for a spin!"