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A Kestrel Coat for my Valentine

carla macklinComment

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!  In celebration, I made a new Kestrel Coat for my darling Valentine.  She needed a new coat for dress-up occasions , having outgrown versions from the past.  My newly seven year old is now sporting the Size 7 Kestrel Coat, with a few modifications.

The first change I made was to turn the two piece sleeve into a single piece to save time and fabric (and avoid one more opportunity to mis-match more plaid lines). I simply measured my daughter from underarm to wrist and extended the top sleeve to match this new length. Additionally, I lengthened the hem 2 “ to cover more of her hips and keep her tad bit cozier this chilly winter.


I chose a windowpane plaid wool purchased log ago from Britex Fabrics in San Francisco and lined the jacket with a navy duppioni of unknown provenance. Because the wool and silk weren't substantial enough for this weekend's subzero windchill, I also interlined the jacket with another light-weight wool from my stash. I quilted this interlining to the duppioni lining so that they would hang as one layer.  The horizontal quilt lines are nearly impossible to see in the photo below because they blend with the grain of the duppioni.  Inside I added a quick patch pocket and finally put one of the 50 decorative stitches on my machine to use. This pocket is perfect for little treasures (or a pack of tissues for the cold she is suffering). The hearts are to celebrate Valentine's Day and to remind her how much I love her every time she wears the coat.


I tried my darndest to cut the pattern pieces so that both directions of plaid would align across pieces, but I  failed along most seams to create a smooth transition.  I'm going to blame the fabric... I am certain those lines aren't printed in a true grid manner!


The vintage buttons I used were found in an estate sale a few years back. They are a beautiful gray opalescent quality plastic. I get so excited when I find a whole set of old buttons sewn to their cardboard backing!  


What have you made your Valentine this season?