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NEW: Clever Charley Sewing Kits

carla macklinComment

The time has come to make a big announcement:  Clever Charlotte has a new baby sister, Clever Charley!

We have been hard at work for the last 9 months (yes, craft product gestation is similar to that of humans) to create Clever Charley: a collection of nine sewing kits designed to inspire young and old alike. Clever Charley Sewing Kits are 'Fast & Friendly' sewing projects that anyone who has turned on a sewing machine in the past should be able to tackle. They are even easier to sew than our children's patterns, making them the perfect jumping off point for the beginner sewist.

You know that 12 year old girl in your life? Picture her preparing a couple Fortune Tellers before her friends arrive for a sleepover. What about a grandmother making a set of matching Flutter Skirts for her triplet grandaughters to wear for their holiday dinner? Perhaps you know a 10-year-old boy who would ask his mother to help him sew his first project: the Kids Craft Belt before their summer road trip.  Or consider the delight on a boy's face when a mom presents her son with a Clever Cape she has sewn in his favorite super hero's colors. Clever Charley Sewing Kits are here to inspire and delight people and create a path to quick sewing success.

Each boxed kit contains a sewing pattern, a set of instructions, and all the notions you need to complete your project. All that is left is to add some fun fabric from your extensive fabric stash.   The best part of the Clever Charley Kits is that they are designed for use with Fat Quarters (18" x 21"), which vastly expands the opportunity for fun fabric combinations. 

We hope you will buy a kit for yourself and a kit for a friend.  And throw in a Clever Charlotte sewing pattern, too... they are 20% off until August 5th with this coupon code: SUMMER15!