Clever Charlotte

Clever Charlotte dress... in Paper??

carla macklinComment

We wanted to share the most amazing art project by Cleveland-based artist Aimee Lee that features our Olivine Dress Pattern.  Take a look at these dresses:

And guess what?  They are constructed out of Aimee's very own hand-made paper!  Don't they look like they could be worn by a flower girl at a summer wedding?? (Aimee tells me she does not add notions so these dresses would be difficult to put on without the zipper in the back!) Aimee is an artist specializing in the creation of Hanji (Korean Paper).  She creates the paper using an ancient paper making technique that dates back over 2,000 years, then uses the paper as the textile for these dresses. Here are some other examples of Aimee's beautiful work. 

Do her paper flourishes inspire you to try to create a similar look in fabric?  

Join Aimee for her show opening entitled "Clothed, Dresses as Works of Art" at Stillpoint Gallery in Cleveland the evening of March 3rd from 6:30-8pm.  

Thanks, Aimee, for inspiring us sewists to get off our duff and make a new spring dress.  We have no excuse not to... after all, we don't have to make the fabric with our own bare hands!!