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Halloween is here and I’m excited to show you what I’ve been up to in the workroom. After a brief debate about princesses and fairies, the girls chose costumes from the animal kingdom this year (insert sigh of relief). Evelyn decided upon a monarch butterfly costume which, to my luck, Erin already made for a previous  Halloween.  It is a gorgeous and accurate reproduction of the butterfly, complete with iridescent silk.

A few minimal changes and it the monarch is perfectly sized for her. Wren asked specifically for an orange ladybug costume, which I was happy to create by using some black buckram I picked up from Michaels Arts and Crafts store, some leftover bits of orange silk, black ¼” elastic, and a button.

In the spirit of Erin’s costume, I chose to reverse applique the ladybug spots which was easily accomplished by tracing the bottom of a glass jar in a random pattern over the wings, then stitching just outside my traced lines.  I trimmed each circle about 1/8” from the stitch lines to expose the black buckram underneath.  The edges of the wings are finished with bias strips of the same orange fabric.

I positioned a button and button hole at the top of the wings to allow them to rotate freely as Wren ‘flies’ through the air.

The wings are secured with some black elastic at the shoulders and wrists.

To complete the look I fashioned a little triangle out of the orange fabric and made a waist strap of elastic (this is *NOT* a G-string although it strongly resembles one worn backwards).

With the wings open, I think this little butt piece makes the outfit.

A quick pair of antenna fashioned out of large pipe cleaners later, my little lady bug is ready to to hunt some candy!

What are your kiddos wearing this Halloween??