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In the Workroomcarla macklinComment

While hard at work on some fantastic new Clever Charlotte projects, I thought I'd share what I whipped up a fragmented 6-hr interlude in my work schedule.  A new dress!  And gold!  I've been so obsessed with a gold color pallet lately... from shiny brass lighting fixtures in my home to what I wear on my person.  Gold is back in a big way.

This dress was inspired by Oscar de la Renta.  I wanted a very full skirt ala Oscar that spills from a tight waistline. The 2" darts are sewn short so that the differential in the dart from fold to point creates a lot of fullness. The princess bodice is easy to tailor and fits me like a glove... but not so much the dress form.  You can see it pulling across the back. Sadly she, like most others, is a bit bustier than me.


Here's a side view.  Notice the pockets.  All formal wear should have pockets, don't you think?  Being petite at 5'1", I wonder if this is going to make me too wide below the waist seam.... high heels should help.

Inspired by a conversations I had with a friend during a recent visit to the Western Reserve Historical Society's Dior and More exhibit, I decided to make a facinator to match the ensemble.  Facinator = frothy little poof of a hat.


I used a facinator backing purchased from a millinery supply company.  It's open sinamay backing allowed me to attach the 6 gold embellishments around the edge and the large 'gold' brooch in the center.  I stuck in the feathers because all facinators need a bit of movement, don't you think?


Sneek peak of the back of the facinator.  Not as pretty as the front.

Ready for the party!  And I promise to be back at the Clever Charlotte work table as soon as I recover from my hangover. Cheers!