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MidCentury Child's Chair

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Hi Folks.  Just wanted to share a quick little project I finished last week that has me super excited.  While out shopping with my 3-year-old at a local vintage store, she spotted a little chrome child's chair in the dusty basement of the store.

I wasn't keen on the purchase but when she batted her eyes at me I made the $20 purchase. I knew recovering the 1970's vinyl wouldn't be a problem but the chrome was damaged in several areas.

If you look closely you can see the areas of rusted gunk.

Thank goodness for the internet to cure all ills... I found this BradyBunchRemodel post which outlines the steps to refinish the chrome with just a bit of tinfoil!  Can  you imagine... so simple!  After a very little bit work with the tinfoil and some quick work of a staple gun, here's my daughter's new chair.

I was totally amazed how easily the rust came of just by rubbing the tinfoil across the chrome.  The only downside of the project was that the reaction of the two metals creates this black stuff that stains your fingernails.  Next time I will wear gloves.

The chair fabric is from my favorite linen source Gray Line Linens. Though it's tricky to see from the photo, this linen is light tan with a gold finish. I love the contrast between the chrome and soft gold.

Here's the happy girl in her chair.  Now does anyone know where we can find another so we can avoid the girls fighting over this one?