Clever Charlotte

The Fabric Bow works well with light to mid-weight cottons and linens. 

Fabric Bow Sewing Kit

$16.00 | One Size

Dress up your packages with a Festive Fabric Bow. With a few twists you will have a hand-crafted Bow to adorn the most precious gifts. The elastic included in this kit allows the bow to fit packages of various sizes and to be used again and again. A glittered yarn pompom provides a festive finish to your Bow and fusible web allows you to showcase two fun fabrics within the twists. No need for a sewing machine to complete the project, just follow the steps to make a perfect gift topper by hand for a special friend.

This Kit comes with the following items: a paper sewing pattern, detailed instructions, 10" of fusible web, 3 yards white sparkle yarn, 30" of 1/4" elastic, and a hand sewing needle.