Clever Charlotte

What is the difference between your "Patterns" and "Kits"?

Our Clever Charlotte patterns contain a full-scale copy of the pattern and comprehensive instructions.  Fabric and notions are needed to complete the project and are not included. The patterns range in skill level from beginner to intermediate sewing levels. Our Clever Charley kits contain not only the pattern and instructions, but also the notions needed to complete the project. Fabric is still required. Clever Charley kits can be accomplished by a beginner sewist.

Are your patterns printed or electronic?

All Clever Charlotte Patterns are printed on heavy-weight tissue paper. The pattern can be easily traced so that multiple sizes can be used or cut and used in a single size. We currently do not offer downloadable, .pdf patterns.

Help!  I am new to sewing.  How do I start one of your sewing projects.

You will find tutorial on How to start your Clever Charlotte Sewing Pattern here.  Additional, our How To tab at the bottom of our website provides additional project-specific instructions and videos.

What width seam allowance do you use on your patterns?

Unless otherwise noted, all seam allowances are 1/2 inches (in) or 2.54 centimeters (cm).

What sizes are your patterns?

Currently, all of our patterns contain children's sizes 2T through 8, which generally correspond to toddlers through pre-teen. The exception to this is the Peony Party Pattern which contains bow tie patterns for men. We strongly advise making a muslin (a draft version out of inexpensive fabric) of your garment before cutting and sewing the final fabric.  This way you can check how the size fits your little one and make adjustments.

How do I select a size to sew?

With a tape measure, measure your child's chest at the fullest part, waist at the narrowest part, and hips at the fullest part (generally across the bum). Compare these measurements to the sizing chart on the back of each pattern envelope. Make sure your child's measurements are at or below the size you select to cut and sew. 

I want to make more garments from this pattern as my child grows.  How do I do this?

A good way to preserve all the pattern sizes is to trace the original pattern onto tracing or tissue paper. Large-format tracing paper is the easiest paper to see through and use because it retains some stability, but you can also use light-colored tissue paper you find in the gift wrap isle of any general store. Smooth out the tissue paper and tape it to the outer edges of the pattern sheet.  Be sure to follow the lines corresponding to your selected size and transfer all notches, grainlines and other markings to each pattern piece. Remember to include how many of each pattern piece you must cut of fabric and/or interfacing to assemble the final garment.

I'd like to use your patterns to make garments for sale. Can I do this?

You can make unlimited garments/projects for personal use when you buy a pattern or kit but are prohibited from producing garments/finished projects for sale without purchasing licences from us. If you are interested in selling finished projects, please contact us at to purchase licences to do so. All our patterns and kits are protected by copyright.  

I live in one of those cool countries that only 'speak' metric.  How can I translate your sizing chart to the metric system?

Here it is: